Segovia is a Creative Agency & Startup Studio that provides Digital Products and Services turns to focus on client success. We specialize in user interface design, including front-end development which we consider to be an integral part

Limitations bring out the best in a situation, which is why we keep Small Studio a nimble little setup with confident and innovative.


Amy Reid

Segovia started out managing our SEO efforts, but their scientific approach to digital marketing and the results they have achieved made it an easy decision…

Amy Reid Web Developer

Howard Fuller

Segovia digital agency is extension of marketing team, assisted the development, tracking, analysis of our digital campaigns that have yielded return on investment.

Howard Fuller Product Manager

James Faulkner

Working with Segovia digital agency to support our organic and paid social media activity has extended the marketing activities we are able to achieve platform…

James Faulkner Product Manager

Diana Thomas

I would highly recommend Segovia Digital. I worked with the team on an animation for our ‘Click & Collect’ service. This team is different from…

Diana Thomas Product Manager